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From: "Stephen Salter" <wireshark@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 14 Mar 2010 16:58:26 -0000

Thanks for the reply.


The server has a Static IP, I assigned it within the Teams TCP/IP settings under network settings. The Static IP is set to be outside the range of the routers DHCP allowed IP address range. I had tried to use the router to assign the Static IP, except this caused my VPN link to fail with a 733 error on login, never got round to diagnosing why.


Thinking about this now, the VPN link is using a DHCP assigned IP for the client machine connecting in, doesn't affect the servers IP Address however. Hmm perhaps I should set this to a fixed IP Address too, to see if it has any effect.


Should the server not be receiving these DHCP packets?


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Just a simple guess on the top of my head.

DHCP is checking its status and during that time it does not send/recieve packets wich gets buffered up and released after the second solicit and.


Just for a test try to put a static address instead of a DHCP address.




good luck



2010/3/14 Stephen Salter <wireshark@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>


I have been trying to track down an intermittent pause in network activity between my Windows Home Server and HTPC .


I noticed the pause was occurring as the movies I was watching periodically stuttered/froze before bursting back into life, like fast forward turned on, then settling down to normal viewing speed. The occurrence of the pauses seem to be random, but I would say it happens between 10 to 15 times over a typical movie length.


I have used wireshark to record the traffic between the two servers during the pause period, this is as follows:


"4379","19.617874","","","SMB","Read AndX Request, FID: 0x400d, 61440 bytes at offset 778371072"

"4380","19.759785","","","TCP","microsoft-ds > 49178 [ACK] Seq=23546138 Ack=45235 Win=56589 Len=0"

"4381","19.791285","IntelCor_7c:06:c0","Broadcast","ARP","Who has  Tell"


"4383","20.412176","","","UDP","Source port: filenet-peior  Destination port: 22330"

"4384","23.561347","","","UDP","Source port: filenet-peior  Destination port: 22330"

"4385","23.757630","","","TCP","[TCP Keep-Alive] dbstar > 49165 [ACK] Seq=0 Ack=2 Win=64856 Len=1"

"4386","23.757785","","","TCP","[TCP Keep-Alive ACK] 49165 > dbstar [ACK] Seq=2 Ack=1 Win=275 Len=0 SLE=0 SRE=1"


"4388","29.554158","","","TCP","[TCP segment of a reassembled PDU]"


The Wireshark IOGraph flat lines between the two Solicit packets.


Some other info for you to hopefully help diagnose:


1. is the server (Two Intel CT Desktop Adapters Teamed - Load balanced - Jumbo Frames 9014)

2. is the HTPC (One Intel CT Desktop Adapter - Jumbo Frames 9014)

3. is the ADSL Router

4. is my laptop that I have used to RDP into my server

4. is a wireless ycam camera and it uses the server via FTP to store alarmed captured files.

5. I don't know what the source application of dbstar is, but this occurs many times in the wireshark capture and doesn't cause pauses every time it appears.

6. The only thing that seems consistent with other flat line captures I've done is the Broadcast events, but they are usually something like:

"17107","61.452598","IntelCor_7c:06:c0","Broadcast","ARP","Who has  Tell" is my printer.


Anybody have any ideas where I go from here, I am still scratching my head?




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